Flash Fiction Challenge – The Idiomatic-o-rama 5000, Version 2.5.1

I don’t know if you can call two posts a ‘trend’, but are you noticing one? Specifically that I’m hijacking old flash fiction challenges from the incredible blog Terribleminds because I keep missing recent ones, and writing purely from my own ideas is something I’m still trying to relearn. In any case, I hope it’s enjoyable?

This one is still character-driven (that seems to be what I’ll tentatively call ‘my thing’), but it’s based this time on a nifty little generator called The Idiomatic, which takes a blowtorch to popular phrases and welds them together. It’s actually a lot of fun just to see what it comes up with every time you refresh, if a little unintentionally existential.

The piece came out to about 1400 words, and was based on the fun prompt:

“Every dog is a liar.”


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Flash Fiction Challenge – Who the Furry Jesus is my DnD character?

I know, I’m hideously late to even starting this flash fiction challenge, but the most recent ones were collaborative and I missed the boat on those ones too. So, my plan was – and is – to hijack a semi-recent challenge that doesn’t rely on currency and to ride that pony instead.

With that said, here’s a semi-coherent and unedited attempt at using the fantastic online generator ‘Who the Flying Saucer is my DnD character?” (found here) to create a story. This one fell at around 1600 words. My two character prompts used will be at the top, and the story at the bottom. Enjoy, if you like!

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